Double Lines Of Head

Double Lines of Head, are as rarely found as are cases
of the single line right across the hand. In all cases where the Double
Line of Head stands out distinct and clear as two separate lines, the
object will be found to have a dual mentality. He is usually capable of
an enormous amount of mental work and is of that class of people who
carry out two separate mental lives with success. It is often found with
one line joined to the Line of Life and the other rising from the Mount
of Jupiter; if such is the case, the interpretation would be that one
side of the nature is extremely sensitive and cautious, while the other
is self-confident with a great desire to rule or enforce its mental ideas
on the world.


Although such a sign as the Double Line of Head gives a remarkable degree
of mentality, yet I have always found it a more successful sign to find
one clear Line of Head well marked on the hand than the two Lines of Head
in any of their positions.

Another form of the Double Line of Head, is one where
the main line seems to separate about the middle of the hand, and where
one branch goes across the hand and the other descends towards the Mount
of the Moon. In such a case we get the double mental personality, but one
which is more under the control of the will of the subject, whereas the
two double distinct lines denote that the two mental personalities seem
to act independently one from the other.

It has been considered by many ancient authorities that the Double Line
of Head, when found with two distinct lines, is a sign of the inheritance
of great riches or power. I have generally found, however, that what it
means is, that although the financial results of such a person's life may
be either great wealth or power, yet he may inherit it from his mental
right and not from his birth right.

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