The Line Of Intuition And The Via Lasciva

The Line of Intuition is seldom found on other types of
hand than those of the Philosophic, the Conic, and the Psychic, but it is
sometimes found on the Spatulate.

It takes more or less the formation of a semi-circle from the face of the
Mount of Mercury to that of the Mount of the Moon, or may be found on the
Mount of the Moon alone. It must not be confounded with the Hepatica, or
Line of Health, but is found as a distinct mark in itself.

It denotes an extra highly-strung sensitive temperament, also
presentiments, inspiration, clairvoyance of the highest kind, clear vivid
dreams which often come to pass, intuition as to how things should be
done, and very often manifests itself in inspired speaking and writing of
the loftiest character.

It is much more often found on women's hands than on men's, although many
cases have come under my notice of its being unusually clearly marked on
some men's hands. In each case the possessor of it had most remarkable
powers and unusual faculties, as well as the gift of intuition, even
concerning purely mundane subjects that in an ordinary state they knew
nothing whatever about.

I use the words "ordinary state" advisably here, because such people are
not always in the condition of mind when these strange faculties may be
employed. Several of these men were absolutely uneducated, and yet at
times, when thrown into an inspired state, they were able to explain the
most intricate problems with the greatest accuracy. If asked, however,
from where they obtained their knowledge, they were only able to reply
that "it came to them" when in certain moods.

One man I knew well had such remarkable dreams of coming events that he
was able to warn many people weeks and months in advance of dangers that
lay before them, and his warnings in many cases saved life.

With all people who were gifted in this way I have noticed that they
completely lost their strange powers the moment they indulged in alcohol
of any kind.

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