The Line Of Head And Its Secondary Signs

What are known as "islands" in the Line of Head are very important,
especially if they are considered both in relation to the age at which
they occur, and also in relation to the mentality itself.

In the first place the principal rule the student must bear in mind is,
that islands must be considered as showing a weakness in any line
wherever they may be found, and are to be considered unfortunate signs.

On the Line of Head when found in the form of a continuous chain
all through the line, they denote mental weakness, but
generally produced by ill-health which more immediately affects the

Such mental weakness or "brain illness," if found with nails showing very
small "moons" or none at all, denotes an anaemic condition of the blood
that affects the brain, a low condition of vitality and bad circulation,
which seems to starve the brain of blood and prevents such people from
making any continuous effort in regard to study or will power, and causes
them to act in an erratic fashion.

If at the same time the Line of Head is seen placed very high on the
hand, this sign is worse still in its meaning, and such subjects are
inclined to be "half mad" in periods.

When the Line of Head is widely separated from the Line of Life, then
this chain formation of islands is still more accentuated and more
difficult to cure. Such subjects have periods of mental excitability
which it seems impossible for them to control, and in such moments they
are liable to fly off at a tangent and commit mad or rash acts, but acts
generally dangerous to other people.

When, however, the Line of Head is very sloping, with
this formation of islands the subject is inclined to have fits of
depression and melancholy, during which he is likely to shrink away from
people or make an attempt against his own life. "Suicide while
temporarily insane" is the verdict of the jury in such cases.


Another important point of consideration in relation to the islands in
the Line of Head, is to note their position on the line itself, or under
what finger they make their appearance. When these islands are found at
the commencement of the line under the first finger or Mount of Jupiter,
it will be found that the subject in early life was
delicate mentally, and displayed no energy of will; no desire to study,
was listless and without ambition.

Under the second finger on the Mount of Saturn, the
subject, on the contrary, is inclined to suffer from severe headaches,
morbidness, melancholy, and a tendency for inflammation, especially at
the base of the head.

If the line looks weak or frays into little hair lines from this point
out, it shows that the subject will never recover thoroughly from this

Under the third finger, the Mount of Sun, an island shows
a very curious fact, namely that the person is inclined to suffer from
weakness of the eyes and short-sight. If many of these islands are marked
it generally foreshadows a still greater tendency to blindness and
weakness of the sight.

Islands under the fourth finger, the Mount of Mercury, and
the extremity of the Head Line denote weakness of the brain in old age,
and a highly nervous worrying disposition. If very badly marked they
denote that in the latter part of life the subject may be disposed to
insanity proceeding from a worrying disposition, and often from the
overstraining of the mental faculties. It will thus be seen that every
portion of this remarkable line may be divided into sections to obtain
marvellous detail in making predictions for the future.

This line can further be divided, showing with considerable clearness the
ages at which troubles or changes in the mentality may be expected.

Under the first finger the period of the life indicated is the first 21
years, the second period contains another section of the three 7's, and
lasts until 42 years of age; the third period of 7's which will be found
under the third finger indicates the section from 49 to 63, and the
fourth section which takes in the remainder of the hand, under the fourth
finger, stands for the period from 70 up to the end.

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