Influence Lines To The Fate Line On The Mount Of Venus Connection With Marriage

The student may also get very great help in ascertaining details about
the likely marriage of the person whose hands he is examining by the

Fine Influence Lines seen joining the Line of Fate,
relate to persons who come into and affect the Destiny.

If the Line of Influence is very strong where it joins the Fate Line, and
if at about the same date a clear Marriage Line is seen on the Mount of
Mercury, the date of marriage may be more accurately predicted by the
place on the Fate Line where the Influence Line joins it.

A great wealth of detail may also be made out from observing these
Influence Lines to the Destiny:

Coming over from the Mount of the Moon, there is always something
romantic about the union. The person on whose hand this Line appears will
as a rule meet his affinity when travelling or away from his home.

If the Influence Line has an "island" marked on it, the influence will
then be a bad one, or, at least, the person will have had some scandal
connected with his or her past life. If the Line of
Fate looks weaker or more uncertain after the union is marked, then such
a marriage has not brought good or success to the subject. If, on the
contrary, the Line of Fate looks better or stronger after the Influence
Line has joined it, then this union will prove of advantage to the person
whose hand is being examined.


This increase of wealth or power is still more accentuated if at the same
time it is observed that a Sun Line has made its appearance.

If the Influence Line should cut through the Fate Line, and appear on the
thumb side of it, the affection will seldom last as long, or be so happy.
If a still wider separation of the Influence Line and
the Fate Line appear as these two lines ascend the hand together, the
separation of interests and destiny of the two persons will be still more
marked as the years proceed.

If an Influence Line approaches close to the Line of Fate, and runs
parallel with it for some time but does not join it, some great obstacle
will prevent a marriage ever taking place.

If an Influence Line terminates in an "island," the influence itself will
itself get into trouble, generally disgrace of some character.

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