Mount Of The Sun (negative)

This Mount may be considered Negative when the subject is found born
between January 21st and February 18th, and for the seven days following.

In this case they are far more successful when managing for others than
for themselves.

They are usually found most active in their plans towards the relief of
all distress and for what they believe to be the public good.

They are also often as a class found in governmental positions, or as
leaders of some party or section of public opinion. Usually they take the
part of the "under dog," and cause themselves to be greatly abused and
disliked by the richer and more powerful classes.

They seldom attract wealth as do those of the Positive type, who are
usually lucky in money, and when they do they are inclined to impoverish
themselves in their efforts to help those around them, or in the
execution of their philanthropic plans for the good of the poorer

In strange apparent contradiction to this, these people are usually
excellent in business and in their financial plans, but again it is more
for others than for themselves. Many of them make fortunes for others and
keep the merest pittance for their own homes.

As a rule, they find great pleasure in public ceremonies, and meetings of
all kinds. They love theatres and all places where large numbers of
people congregate, and when wound up to the occasion they can display
great eloquence, power of argument, and influence in debates. They rarely
hold the positions they win for the run of their careers, they seem to
play the role of the moment, and when that is passed they just as quickly
retire into obscurity or into a quiet private life, and often end their
days in the most unusual or unheard-of places.

Quite the reverse of the Positive type, these people seldom if ever
commit suicide; on the contrary, they can endure any kind of martyrdom or
suffering. They are buoyed up with the feeling they have done their duty
to their fellow beings, and this feeling seems to sustain them against
all disappointments, or losses or attacks on their name.

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