The Psychic Or Idealistic Hand

This type, may in many ways be considered as the
highest development of the hand on the purely mental plane, but from a
worldly standpoint it is the least successful of all. Its possessors live
in a world of dreams and ideals. They know little or nothing about the
practical or purely material side of existence, and when they have to
earn their own bread they gain so little that they usually starve.

These beautiful hands do not appear made for work in any sense. They are
also too spiritual and frail to deal blows and hold their own in the
battle of life. If they are supported by others, or have money of their
own to live on, all may be well, and in such cases they will be likely to
develop strange psychic gifts dealing with visions and ideals that some
few may hear and understand. But if not, their fate as a rule is a sad
one, they will easily be pushed aside by the rougher types of humanity
or, in sheer helplessness, take their own lives, and so end the unequal

In constitution they are seldom strong physically, and consequently they
are doubly unfitted for the struggle for existence.

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