The Mount Of The Moon And Its Meaning

The Mount of the Moon, or as it is also called the Mount of Luna, is
found on the base of the hand under the end of the Line of Head.

This Mount relates to everything that has to do with the imaginative
faculties, the emotional artistic temperament, romance, ideality, poetry,
change of scenery, travel, and such like.

This Mount may be considered positive when it looks high or
well-developed, and also when the subject is found to be born between the
dates of June 21st and July 20th, and until July 27th.

People who belong to this positive class are gifted with strong
imagination which tinges everything they do or say. They are intensely
romantic, but idealistic in their desires, and have not that passionate
or sensual nature that is given by the Mount of Venus on the opposite
side of the palm.

As a rule they have the inventive faculties well developed, and succeed
in inventions and in all new ideas in whatever careers they may have

Even business people born in this period are remarkable for their
originality, and the inventive manner in which they will tackle the most
practical affair.

They are, however, inclined to speculate or gamble even with their
chances, also in stocks, business or, in fact, anything in which they are

Although their imagination is large, they often achieve great success and
make money in business. Some great financiers and heads of large
organisations have been born in this period and have also had the Mount
of Luna very highly developed on their hands.

It has been said "that what one sees in one's dreams one shall gain in
reality," but the fact remains that imaginative people have been found
among the most successful of all classes. Imagination may be another name
for Inspiration.

People born in this period are seldom hide-bound by any rule of thumb or
set convention. They love what is new in everything, and perhaps for this
reason they love travel and change, and generally see the greater part of
this planet before they voyage over the last river of all.

Change in every way affects their careers as it also does their lives.
Even the successful members of this period have more ups and downs than
almost any other class.

They rarely, however, give in to the blows of Fate. Their imagination
probably helps them through, and they seldom remain down or down-hearted
for long.

Inventors, a large number of artists, musicians, and composers are found
among people of this type, but almost without exception they have a love
of mystic and occult things, and their dreams and visions are tangible
and clear.

These Children of the Moon owe much to the influence of their planet that
they are even more magnetic and successful when the Moon appears in the
heavens. Even their health appears to change and become better under her
benign influence, and they should always be advised to commence their
plans or operations when their planet is to be seen illuminating the

That the Moon plays an important role in the affairs of this earth cannot
for a moment be doubted. Recent discoveries are every day revealing more
and more that her strange magnetic influence has a power almost beyond
belief in its effect upon the growth of vegetables, and even inanimate

There are other thinkers besides those interested in occult subjects who
have noticed the effect of this planet on mundane things. If the Moon can
affect vegetables, eggs, and the growth of chickens, as it is proved to
do, how much more easily and wonderfully it must affect the grey matter
of the human brain, which is the most subtle and mysterious essence of

People born in the period I have mentioned should be most careful of
those with whom they associate, because they are extraordinarily
sensitive to the magnetism of others.

They should, if possible, avoid marrying early in life unless they are
absolutely sure they have met their affinity. These natures both change
and develop rapidly, and they have a strong tendency to "grow away" from
those with whom they associate in early life. It is the same with
partners in business; they should be as much as possible "on their own"
or, if partnerships are made, they should not be of a binding or
restricting order, and provision should always be made for the
partnership to be dissolved when it has become irksome.

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