The Mount Of The Moon (negative)

This Mount is considered negative when it appears very flat on the hand,
and it may also be taken as negative when people are found to be born
between the dates of January 21st and February 20th, and in a minor
degree, until about February 27th.

People born between these dates have good mental powers, but their
imaginative faculties are seldom as much in evidence as is so strongly
the case with the positive period.

These persons, on the contrary, are good and quiet reasoners-out of
problems and matters relating to the organisation of business, and are
also excellent in all forms of government work. They make splendid heads
of departments and rise to any responsibility very quickly and easily.

They are high-minded and have very decided views on love, duty, and
social life. They make great efforts to do good to others, but as a rule
their best work is done towards helping the masses more than individuals.

They are extremely kind-hearted and love to give a helping hand when they
can, but at the same time they have an unfortunate knack of making many
bitter enemies, and when holding government positions they are most
bitterly attacked by the opposition press. Their work seldom receives
its proper recognition and reward until they have passed from their
sphere of influence, or have left this world of mistrust and ingratitude.

They generally make excellent speakers, but more from "plain speaking,"
in a particular way of their own.

As a rule they espouse the unpopular cause and take the part of the under
dog in the fight.

They make devoted and loyal friends once their friendship is aroused, but
at the same time they are extremely sensitive and easily wounded by those
they care for.

They are strongly inclined to be religious and generally bring their
religious views into all they do. They are in danger of becoming too
fanatical, and when opposed, they become extremely obstinate, dogmatic,
and hard to manage.

Heavy responsibility for others suits them best of all, especially if
such responsibility lies in the form of government work, or in some
position of management.

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