The Study Of The Shape Of The Hand

We now leave the domain of what must be considered Palmistry, the study
of the Lines of the Palm--or Cheiromancy, as it was called by the Greeks
from the word [Greek: cheir], the hand, and proceed to consider the
meanings that can be derived from the shapes of the hands, fingers, etc.,
which is called Cheirognomy.

These two studies may be taken up separately, but by a knowledge of both
the student will be doubly armed, especially in the reading of character.

To a judge of horseflesh the limbs of the horse give him such a fund of
information as to the animals' breed, training, etc., that it enables him
to draw conclusions that he could not otherwise obtain.

In the same way the shape of the hand gives an enormous wealth of
information as to breed and peculiarities of human beings.

In a book of this nature I shall be able to give only the leading traits
denoted by each type, but if readers wish to carry out this study
further, I must refer them to my larger works on the subject, in which
the shapes of the hands are described in the fullest detail.

The most casual observation of character as shown by the formation of
hands will soon convince any person of the value of this study. Even in
itself it possesses the most far-reaching possibilities in helping to a
clear understanding of the difference that exists in races, their various
blends of types, that have now spread themselves by intermarriage and
travel over the surface of the earth.

For example, the difference in the shape of the hands of the French and
German or the French and English races would convince any thinking person
that temperament and disposition are indeed largely indicated by the
shape of the hand itself.

It is even a remarkable thing that though work and exercise may enlarge
and broaden the hand, yet the type to which it belongs is never
destroyed, but can be easily detected by anyone who has made a study of
such matters.

The Seven Types or Shapes of Hands are as follows:

(1) The Elementary--or lowest type.
(2) The Square--or the useful hand.
(3) The Spatulate--or nervous active type.
(4) The Philosophic--or jointed hand.
(5) The Conic--or the artistic type.
(6) The Psychic--or the idealistic hand.
(7) The Mixed Hand.

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