The Mount Of Mercury And Its Meaning

The Mount of Mercury is found under the base of the fourth finger.
On a good hand it is a favourable Mount to have, but on a
hand shewing evil tendencies, especially mental, it increases the bad

It seems to relate more to the mind than anything else. It gives
quickness of brain, wit, thought, eloquence. It also relates to
adaptability in science and commerce, but if evilly afflicted, it denotes
mental excitability, nervousness, lack of concentration, trickiness in
business, and everything that is unreliable in character.

This Mount should always be considered with the kind of Line of Head
found on the hand.

With a Line of Head long and well marked, it increases all the promise of
mental aptitude and success, but with a weak, badly marked, or irregular
Head Line, it augments all its weak or bad indications.

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