The Conic Or Artistic Hand

The Conic, also called the Artistic, Hand (Plate II., Part II.), is
always graceful looking, with the fingers tapering and pointed. It has,
not only on account of its appearance but also because of the qualities
it represents, been called the Artistic Hand.

Its possessor may not always paint pictures or design beautiful things,
but he will have the emotional, artistic temperament, which loves
beautiful surroundings, and is most sensitive to colour, music, and all
the fine arts. It largely depends on the kind of Head Line and the will
power shown by it, to determine whether its owner will develop the
natural artistic temperament that he or she possesses.

Such hands being generally full, fleshy, or soft, there is always a
decidedly pronounced indolence in the nature which, if not overcome,
combats the hard work necessary to achieve any real result. All very
emotional people have more or less the characteristics of this type, but
great numbers simply squander their time in the appreciation of art,
rather than in making the effort in themselves to create it.

The harder and firmer this type of hand is, the more likely it is to find
that its possessor will really make something out of his artistic

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