The Mount Of Mercury (positive)

This Mount can be considered positive when the subject is found to be
born between the dates of May 21st and June 20th, and until the 27th of
that month, but during the last seven days its influence is considered
dying out and not so strong.

People born in this period are represented in the Zodiac by the symbolism
of the twins. It is a curious fact that all persons born in this part of
the year are singularly dual in character and temperament. One side of
their nature may, in fact, be described as perpetually pulling against
the other, and although nearly always possessed with unusual
intelligence, they often spoil their lives by lack of continuity in their
plans and in their purpose.

They seldom seem to have a fixed idea of what they really want. They
change their plans or their occupations at a moment's notice, and unless
they chance to be very happily married, they are just as uncertain in

They are the most difficult of all classes to understand. In temperament
they are hot and cold in the same moment, they may love passionately with
one side of their nature and just as quickly dislike with the other.

They are very critical, and especially notice small faults or mannerisms
in others, and they can express their views with a sarcasm that is as
cutting as it is clever.

In all business dealings or affairs where a subtle, keen mentality is
useful, they can out-distance all rivals, provided they are sufficiently
interested to enter into the competition.

They are excellent in diplomacy and are gifted talkers, but they usually
leave their listeners at the end of their conversation no wiser than they
were at the beginning.

If taken as they are and with their moods, they are the most delightful
people imaginable, but one must never expect them to be the same to-day
that they were yesterday.

They believe that they are the most truthful persons in the world, and so
they may be at the moment they are telling the story, but to them moments
seem entire lives, and so in a day or a week the same story may have a
totally different colouring.

None of these people will probably admit this to be true of his
character, but a little study will convince anyone that it is a fairly
accurate description of this subject's chief characteristics.

Mental work, especially the class of mental work that requires quickness
of wit and change, appeals to them more than any other. They make clever
actors, barristers, and a certain class of public speakers, also
diplomatists, stock brokers, company promoters, or inventors of new
methods in business. In all careers that require keenness of brain, they
can attain success, provided they have developed a sufficient amount of
will power and continuity of purpose to stick long enough to any one

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