The Mount Of The Sun And Its Meaning

The Mount of the Sun is found under the base of the third finger. To this
Mount the Greeks also gave the name of Mount of Apollo.

When large or well developed it indicates glory, publicity, a desire to
shine before one's fellows. It is always considered a good Mount to have

It also indicates enthusiasm for the beautiful in all things, whether one
follows an artistic calling or not. People with this Mount large, even if
they have success in practical life, build beautiful houses or have
artistic surroundings of some sort. They also have an expansive
temperament, are generous and luxurious in all their tastes. They are
bright and sunny by nature and have a forceful, happy, lucky personality.

This Mount may be considered Positive when the subject is found to be
born between the dates of July 21st and August 20th, and generally until
the 28th of this month, which portion of the Zodiac is called the "House
of the Sun."

These people represent what may be called the heart force of the human
race, and as a rule are generous and sympathetic even to an extreme.

They have great force of character and personality, and even when
constrained by circumstances to exist in the lower walks of life, they
play, even there, a role distinct from their fellows, and their
clean-cut, well-marked personality is sure to make itself manifest.

At heart they are really most sympathetic, though they often seem to hide
this quality on account of their strong sense of trying to force people
to do what is right towards others.

They have no mercy for "weaklings" or evaders of the truth, and in brutal
frankness they will even denounce their own children should they find
them falling into evil ways.

They display the greatest loyalty if any friend of theirs is attacked,
especially if in an underhand way. They love intensely and they hate
intensely. Theirs is no middle path, for they must be either at one
extreme or the other.

Although truthful and naturally honest they often get terribly deceived,
and the danger is with such people that towards the sunset of their
lives, the glorious Sun that has shone, as it were, through them gets
darkened by the deceit and treachery of others and sets in clouds, or
gets hidden before the ending of life's pathway comes to view.

Many of these people who have cheered others, who have brought their
grand sunshine of good into the hearts of others, cannot cheer themselves
when the twilight comes, and so they often fall victims to gloom and
melancholy, and many commit suicide.

Among other marked characteristics these people are extremely proud and
would sooner die than ask favours from others. They are extremely easily
wounded through their pride and are unusually sensitive.

Impetuous and hot-tempered, they make many enemies, and when engaged in
public life, which they are usually well fitted for, they often find
themselves bitterly attacked in the most unscrupulous manner.

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