The Elementary

As its name implies, the Elementary is the lowest type of all. It is just
a little above the brute creation. This type is extremely short,
thick set and brutal-looking. In passing I must draw the
reader's attention to the fact that the shorter and thicker the hand is,
the nearer the person is to the animal.

In examining this type one can therefore only expect to find it the
expression of all that is coarse, brutal, and animal.

People having such hands naturally have very little mental development or
ability. They are found engaged in occupations requiring only unskilled
labour and the very lowest even of that.

They are violent in temper, and have little or no control over their
passions or their anger. They are coarse in their ideas, possess little
or no sentiment, no imagination or feeling, and it has been found that
even the nerve system of such types is more or less in a state of
non-development. They do not feel pain as the higher types of humanity
feel it, and have little ambition except to eat, drink, and sleep.

Note.--The thumb is extremely short and low-set with the Elementary type.

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