The Mount Of Mercury (negative)

This Mount may be considered negative when the persons are born between
August 21st and September 20th, and until the 27th, but these last seven
days of this period are not so marked, but take more from the
characteristics of the incoming sign.

People belonging to this negative type of the Mount of Mercury have all
the good points of the positive class, and even some added in their
favour. For example, they stick longer and with more continuity to
whatever study or career they adopt. They have hardly the quickness or
the brilliancy of the first type, but they have a more solid, plodding
course of action, and as a general rule they make more out of their

They are also more materialistic and practical in their views of life,
but they analyse and reason everything from their own way of thinking
outwards towards others. If they see a thing is right, it is right to
them, and for this reason they are often found doing exactly the opposite
from what one would expect.

Women born in this period are especially curious puzzles. They are either
extremely virtuous or the direct opposite, either extremely truthful and
conventional or the reverse; but whether good or bad, they are all a law
unto themselves, and in all things they usually think of themselves

People born in this period often abandon their husbands or their children
just because they think they ought to do so. They also are liable to
change their religious views half way through life, or from the most
conventional suddenly become the reverse. In the same way women who have
commenced their career by leading unconventional lives, may just as
suddenly become religious and enter some extremely severe order or

Again, as in the positive type, it is the Line of Head that must be
carefully considered if one should endeavour to form an estimate of what
they will eventually become.

If it be clear and straight, their best qualities will, as a rule, come
to their rescue; but if weak or poorly marked, it is more than likely,
especially with this class, that the evil side of the nature will in the
end predominate.

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